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Note! A rehearsal belongs to the possibilities and we strongly advise you to make the time free for this purpose. You may enter your date and time here but please note that a rehearsal on a date before the event date will be subject to availability of the venue.

Legal possibilities

In 2020 a temporary legislation from the Ministry of Justice and Security (the "Emergency Act") was enacted due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Emergency Act has now been extended to 1 April 2021.
If the Emergency Act is not withdrawn by January 31st 2021, it will automatically be extended until June 1st 2021.

The Emergency Act provides for the temporary adoption of electronic solutions by various parties that are bound under normal circumstances by physical consultation and decision-making procedures.
These include listed companies and associations that are required to hold annual general meetings. On account of COVID-19, meeting in person is undesirable.
Under the temporary legislation, the legal entities that make up a company's management structure may decide to hold a general meeting exclusively via livestream (audio or video). This is on the condition that members and shareholders have the opportunity to submit questions either before or during the meeting that will be answered no later than during the meeting itself. Should a member or shareholder have been unable to take optimal part in the meeting, any decisions made will still be legally valid.

The rules about groups and maximum numbers of people are different for homes, spaces that people primarily move through (such as shops, museums and zoos) and indoor spaces where people mainly stay in one place (such as cinemas and convention centres).
The maximum number of 30 people per space does not apply for meetings of a municipal council, provincial council and general board of a water authority, or of a committee set up by one of these bodies, and other gatherings required by law, provided everyone can keep 1.5 metres apart. Pre-entry health checks must be carried out. However we strongly advice that the number of shareholders and guest do not exceed the number of 30 people in the AGM Dome or not more than strictly needed.

You can choose to arrange your event locally, so all attendees will meet at a physical location. You can also decide to organise the entire event digitally. If that is your choice, please select Virtual. You can also decide to combine the two in a hybrid event.


Part of the attendees will be physically present at the location and others will join virtually by Internet.